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There are times in life when we feel lost, unsupported and unable to change things in life, in those moments we need to be guided by professional therapists.


If you are in a point of your life where you can't see on the other side of your trauma, pains and blockages this package is definitely your option.


This package offers 6 x 1 hour sessions and during each session we will release deep cored wounds and trauma that are the cause of your stuckness.


I created this package because I realised that only 1 session now and then was no going to create the shift that is needed in case of ancient wounds.


During each session we will set free your innerchild welcoming them back completely healed and transformed. We will, also, resolve karmic energies, memories and trauma from previous life times and past generations.


6 sessions that can be done weekly or fortnightly

6x1hour sessions $707 (instead $840)

This package must be paid prior first session to get  the benefit of the discount.


Skype/FaceTime/Zoom sessions available


Discover... Me! 6 Healing sessions package

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