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Akasha Record Reading

The Akashic Records are the database where all our history is stored!

Imagine a huge library and every book has a name, yours included!

The book contains all information about your soul, your destiny, your soul purpose and also information about your past, present and future!

The Akasha records database is contained in your fifth dimensional body which many know as soul body!

Each of us has the ability and possibility to access their own records by expanding the awareness to the fifth dimension through deep meditative state.

The library that contain  the akasha database is a form of energetic container that can be accessed to rewrite the story of you soul by clearing contracts, vows, obligations, pacts and promises that the person has consciously or unconsciously signed for during previous lifetime or for a generational agreement.

Accessing the records also helps to understand previous choices enabling you to reprogram your subconscious with new awareness opening the door for new choices to be made.

If you are ready to rewrite your destiny book your consultation today

The History of Akashic Records…

The Akashic Records has been referred to since the planet existed! In the Bible it’s referred to as the BOOK OF LIFE.

Akasha is a sanscrit word and it means “Primary substance” which is the energy that creates everything in the Universe. We should remember that every single vibration that comes from thought, words, actions create an indelible imprint and the Records are the place where everything is recorded.



Who can access the Records?


Everyone can access freely their own records and there are many ways to do so, but not everybody has the capability to translate the information that comes from an other dimension, that’s why it is important to refer to a practitioner to have a deeper understanding of the information.

This information come as images, feelings, words, emotions or physical sensations.

As an Akashic Records Practitioner I am always honoured when someone ask me to access his/her own Records and when the consultation finishes  I DO NOT have access in the Records again unless the person asks me to access it again. Imagine that in front of this huge library there is a gate and the gate is protected from a Divine Being which without permission won’t open the gate! This may seem a nice story but it is actually what happens when I go into the Records!

Healing in the Akasha


An important aspect of healing is that you must shift perspective on a permanent base on how you perceive yourself. Once the perspective is changed the healing and a evident change can be manifested.

To change perspective happen on a very subtle level, it happen deep within and opening the records has exactly this purpose.


When you enter the Records with me during the consultation you start to be infused on a cellular level with the energy of the akasha which is transmitted to you by the vibrations of my voice and the messages that I translate for you from your guidance and you receive the necessary healing through its energetic vibrations.


The healing in the records happens in three levels.

1- Tell your version of the story to your Masters & Teachers

2- Look causes & conditions

3- Recognize the soul level truth hearing your Masters & Teachers perspective!



Stage 1 - Understand the story


At this stage you work at the level of the problem and its physical manifestation.

This is the stage where you tell your version of the story, with as much details as needed.

When you tell the story please do no judge, allow yourself to freely express what you need to say, using whatever comes up.

Allow emotions, feeling, memory to be expressed.


What happen in this stage is that through the opening of your book you ring the bells  to the Akasha and its energy start to infuse you and the place around you.



As you connect with this energy and you start to be part of it your words become pure energy and the akasha’s light intensify the vibrations of your voice.

Once the energy is infused and the communication with your Masters, Teachers and loved one is open you are ready to jump to stage 2.



Stage 2 - Causes & conditions.



Causes can be physical, emotional or mental or they may be invisible due past life experiences, choice, beliefs, and ancestral influences.

Conditions is what created in first place the problem.

When you start stage 2 ask your Masters, Teachers and loved ones to revel the origin of the problem.


Sometimes it is all is required for the healing to happen, just becoming aware of the cause and who was involved.


The akasha healing is transmitted through the energy of the voice.


If the information revelled in this stage are not enough to dispel the problem you can move to stage 3.




Stage 3

After you explain to your Masters and Teachers your perspective of the situation, you allow them to give you their perspective!


They will show you and make you feel the higher perspective of why the situation and/or relationship unfold in a specific way!

Observe, feel and hear what they have to say!

What  a powerful journey this consultation can be!

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-The length of the session depends on the depth of the reading you wish to retrieve, the longer the session the more understanding you can have about yourself, your life, your relationships and career-

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