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Sonia is a Physical & Mental Health Mentor, Counsellor and Medical Intuitive capable of bringing healing to the root cause of the disharmony in all area of life.

During her consultations Sonia thanks to her psychic ability work on a Cellular, molecular and atomic level creating a multidimensional transformation on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Sonia combines her psychic gifts with different modalities such as Usui Reiki,  Past life regression, Counselling, Coaching  and Theta Healing which enable her to deliver a profound transformation on all levels and in all direction of time which includes past life line, past generations negative legacy and childhood unresolved trauma.

There is no interference with any other treatment or medication and results are immediate after an energetic clearing & healing session.

You don’t have to be physically present for the treatment and it can be carried out from anywhere on the globe although the most beneficial results are achieved when the session is carried out one-on-one.

Sonia was born in Italy and migrated to Australia in 2004, a place she now considers “home”.

Italian is her first language (which she still speaks at home with her son) and besides the occasional grammatical error, she is fluent in English as well.

When she was a child, Sonia felt misunderstood and for many years misplaced; everybody thought she was very slow and not fully “with it”. Even her teacher suggested to her parents that studying wasn’t the right thing for her! She grew up with this belief and the lack of confidence often challenged her, especially when it came to expressing to people what she had to say.

Luckily she was able to acknowledge a little voice inside her that said, “Sonia you are so much more than that, there is a treasure inside you, go deep and look for this gift.”

She started a deep and profound healing journey which led her to discover her therapeutic ability and share it with the world.

The first step in her healing journey was to apply the Positive Affirmations system and using Bach flower remedies when she was 20 years old and aside from a few initial challenges, she could feel that the affirmations and the remedies were really redefining her thoughts. The breakthrough experience happened when she was attuned to Reiki Usui level one, her entire life changed and she was finally able to read her heart which led her to be who she is today.

A few years ago, despite what her school teacher recommendation when she was young, she started to study again to deepen the natural acknowledge she had inside, and a new world opened in front of her!
After years of great dedication to study (which now is essential to her life and development) she finally decided to follow her purpose and help others to achieve the same transformational depth of healing that she manifested in her life. She longed to help people like you find balance and harmony in their lives and learn to communicate the language of love and unconditional support.

Sonia is also the mum of a beautiful young boy that knows how to challenge her perfectly, which she adores because it helps her to become a better parent and a better person each day!

She knows from her own experience growing up and because she sees it in her son, that many times children don’t know how to express their feelings and emotions, that is why part of her Purpose is to work with young gifted children that find very difficult to adjust to this World.

Sonia can help the entire family to break free from any negative influences that usually come from a past generational belief system AND help children of every age to grow resilient and confident, because those are the qualities that will allow them to go out in the world and make a difference!

“I hope my story will help you to understand that you can do whatever you wish in your life! All my dreams came true and my hope is that you too become the author of your life and write your own story without any interference. May all your dreams become reality!”
With Infinite Gratitude,

Sonia Bellucci

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