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"I have had a number of healing sessions with Sonia but today has been extraordinary. I would like to share this magical experience with everyone. I have had an awful sharp pain in my right ovary for a long time now during my mid cycle and just before my period. It's very intense and uncomfortable but I've never thought of giving it much attention thinking it's just part of being a woman and also the right time for it to heal never came by but I was always aware of it. I woke up this morning and I just didn't feel right. I felt something had taken over my body. I felt heavy and tried. I was holding a lot of water. Going up the stairs was painful. I sent Sonia a message explaining my concern and the intense pain I was feeling at the time. Just as I typed that anxiety kicked in big time and I felt the tightening of my throat. Sonia suggested psychic surgery. I said I was for it as I think it was time to address this. Sonia asked me to relax and go into a meditative state. I felt an amazing buzz of energy take over me and I felt whooping . Must be the anaesthetic kicking in. I saw myself in a dark room (my ovary) with sonia in her surgeon's gown with a surgeon's light on the top of her forehead. I saw her chipping away bits of negative energy. After the surgery I felt a gentle energy move down to my legs almost like it was scanning and purifying parts of me going up into the rest of my body. I do not feel the pain in my right side and my legs feel light. I have a tingling sensation of energy moving around that area. I have experienced nothing like this before. Sonia you have blown my away with the psychic surgery. 😘😘🙏🏾🙏🏾""  Jags, Victoria

Jags - Vic

It has taken me a while to write a review for Sonia because I truly could not find the words that can actually describe what she has done for me and how she has changed my life. Sonia is Pure Love and authenticity and all of my life I knew and I was searching and questioning everything and she has guided me and gently shown me and given me the tools to finally open my heart to heal and to finally learn to love myself and start this most amazing chapter of my life. Thank you Sonia for your guidance, strength and love, even when I resisted lol You have shown me how awesome and strong I am and that I can overcome and conquer anything and thank you for creating the safe and secure space for me to finally open my heart, bring up all that no longer serves me, and finally walk forward mastering my own life step by step - you, my friend are truly Awesome

Rosy - Vic

Sonia is a sweet, kind generous person. She has a beautiful energy about her and truly comes from a place of love. I am certain anybody who would have anything negative to say about her obviously hasn't spent time with her. There is not a negative bone in her body, and her craft of healing is profound.


Sonia's incredible wisdom and insights can, and will, rock your world!! In the most loving, caring and powerful way she can help unlock those 'hidden' internal blocks standing in the way of our authentic selves. She is a gifted healer and a truly beautiful soul. ☆♡☆♡☆

Renie - Vic

I consider myself to be a well-adjusted, person who had a fantastic childhood, great university education, a successful career, a beautiful child etc…As I turned 40 and did some self-reflection, I realized that there were aspects in my life that could be improved. I was referred to Sonia by a Doctor friend who is also a Client of Sonia’s. I can tell you that it has been a privilege meeting Sonia. Not only is she very professional and caring…..she has an incredible GIFT. She connected with my inner-self and with incredible clarity, she focused on aspects of my personality that needed to be strengthened and expanded. Sonia also cleared my energy field from negative thoughts or experiences that had “stuck” on. And finally, Sonia helped me with some health issues around lymphatic drainage. I can say without a shadow of doubt that EVERY SINGLE aspect of my life has improved. My personal life with love and friends has never been better. My customer experiences is totally different resulting in soaring sales. And I have experienced profound healing. RUN, don’t walk to Sonia…..She is truly incredible and she does all of this through SKYPE!
A Very Happy Canadian Client.

J. - Canada

“During my session with Sonia, I was taken through an inner child healing meditation.
I was guided through the meditation always in the presence of love and security.
My inner children who never had a voice before could speak up. My two year old, 4 year old, 8, 14 and 21 year old self could be heard, could say their piece and express their true feelings and with Sonia’s powerful healing and guidance I could be guided through and experience an overwhelming shift. Releasing negative and suppressing emotions
As a small child being able to express themselves is liberating.The healing process I was guided through, created a great shift in my personal perspectives and beliefs.
I am a mother of three children and to be the mother they need, addressing the inner children of my own has helped me on my parenting journey and brought clarity and perspective to how I parent and how I want to parent. To break the mold, set new standards and prevent the past from recurring.
The inner child meditation session is something I felt was completely necessary for having the power to move forward in my adult life. It is quite prevalent that we are weighed down by our past experiences and lives and particularly when we are children, the formative years are delicate and essential to create a well rounded adult."


“I have used Sonia’s services since my marriage breakup last December. I was at my lowest point as my work situation was also completely out of my control. I have two children and a successful career, and Sonia was able to turn my mindset around. She helped me realign my life, navigate through some very hard times and was able to help me to see what she always could. I am now incredibly focused, have the most amazing relationship with my children, and I’m succeeding in inspiring people again. Sonia has been incredibly proactive in making sure I am where I need to be. I’m sure I wouldn’t be here today in this frame of mind without her help.”

Bryce - Vic

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you, since meeting with you some months ago for one of your Akashic record consults, you opened my world to that of one of Hope, you could see how fragmented I was, steadily I’m finding my way back to myself, you are able to see where my journey began, where I could not…  As a Healer, you patiently guide me back, you’ve introduced me to greater possibilities and as a Teacher, Sonia, you see where I’m at, you allow me to walk my path, yet you walk with me, I’m not alone…. forever grateful for what you do for me…

Paul - Vic

“Sonia is a very powerful coach. In three sessions, she took me from being in a state of overwhelm, to feeling a sense of excitement about how I could bring my desires into reality. Her acute intuition allowed her to sense exactly what my needs of that moment were and in doing so she got to the core of my issues. Sonia’s generous spirited nature made the sessions powerful and fun and really helped me to move on from my past beliefs which had been holding me back. I am very grateful that I attracted Sonia in to my life to assist me at this time!”

Jo - NSW

“I came to see the beautiful Sonia for an Akashic Record Soul Realignment reading and clearing, with only a scant understanding of what these readings were. I’ve had many healings and participated in lots of spiritual growth over the years … nothing could have prepared me for the profoundly deep personal insights afforded by Sonia’s glorious work. I discovered what my TRUE soul purpose is; I met and integrated with my Divine Soul; I discovered where my ‘real’ home is and who my soul group is; and we cleared all of those insidious blocks that have been keeping me from living a radiant and majestic life. I now feel light, clear, realigned, with a brand new understanding of exactly why I’m here and now with the courage, joy and clarity to step forward into the life I was born to live. I am in deepest humility and gratitude for Sonia’s grace, love and compassion and urge everyone who is curious about their authenticity and truth to embrace Sonia’s work. With much love”

Irene - Vic

“I had an Akashic Record Soul Realignment reading performed by the beautiful Sonia. I have always been intrigued and curious about it and to have one done was certainly a blessing. My Divine Soul has wanted this shift in my journey for quite some time now and it was the next step for my personal growth. In depth shifts whilst the reading was taking place was an experience that was truly outstanding. Any blocks and self limiting beliefs that I had that were holding me back have now been cleared. I now have a true sense of my purpose revealing my unlimited potential. Powerful and profound healing on an unconscious level and physically have taken place, I feel light like a load has lifted at soul level. I have more of an understanding, like another piece to the jigsaw puzzle has been revealed, to be more in tune to living and being my authentic self. I have new insights, clarity, happiness and strength for the magical journey ahead. I highly recommend Sonia, she is a very intuitive and compassionate healer and her work is of pure authentic love. I am forever grateful we have crossed paths. With much love and gratitude”

Franca - Vic

“When I went to see Sonia I was feeling extremely uneasy within myself, as much as I tried to be positive and keep myself in a healthy frame of mind something felt inauthentic within me, something that I couldn’t heal alone. I reached out to Sonia and the work she did with me after only one session has really had a lasting impact on my life. She has helped me quiet the negativity I was carrying around and reflecting back to myself, I just feel so much calmer with much nicer words to say to myself. When you’re nicer to yourself the whole world follows. I’m so very grateful for Sonia’s help and would definitely recommend her to anyone who could use a helping, healing hand to get back to their authentic self.”

L. - Vic

“Sonia help me healed some of the most important relationships in my life. Through our work together I was able to see things from a different angle and clean up all the old stuff. I felt lighter and more connected and alive after every single session. Sometimes the work was hard, but it was always worth it. My relationship with my husband and kids is improving every day and I am loving it! It is really amazing to see how, with the right help, things that we thought impossible become relatively easy. Sonia is a very passionate and generous coach. I would recommend her to anyone willing to improve their relationships with their loved ones.Thank you, Sonia!”

Nuria - NSW

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