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Animal Kingdom

.... I need healing too...

... I love you so much and I'm so loyal to you that most of the time I absorb your negative energy to help you feel better.... 

...but at times I run out of my own energy and I need help too!!!

Pet healing!!

After many years of being the voice of the adored pets of my clients I realised that this is the perfect time to offer this service to everybody!

Our pets are our most adored and loyal friends and many times they process our emotions and absorb negative energies that we carry with us...

The magic that I experience when I can become their voice is extraordinary!

Do you have your beautiful friend that looks and behave in a funny way? Well there is a reason for it and besides what your Vet will say we also need to find out the emotional side of your pet distress and illness...

Call me to book your healing pet sitting

30 minutes $99

Cat's Nose
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