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Mental wellbeing begins in the present...

Making your mental wellbeing a priority must be at the top of your list. When your mind is present, clear and free from worries your life can finally unfold in accordance of your highest path.

Today more then ever before is of vital importance becoming aware when your mental health start to decline, signs of mental vulnerability are:

-high level of stress

-inability to cope with normal daily demands


-feeling lost


-inability to relax



-rage over little things

If any of those signs already affect your life book a consultation as soon as possible.

I have been researching mental health wellbeing and disorders for many years learning that specific patterns happen at the very beginning of mental instability which if addressed  immediately can be healed leading you on the most beautiful and empowering path but if left unattended can lead you down a corridor of darkness, fears and depression which will lead you straight into a loop of medications, evaluations and medical opinions that could be very detrimental...

I'm so passionate about helping people with mental challenges because I come from generational history of mental disorders and I know how fragile you feel when  your mind whisper constantly words of disappointment, fear and confusion throwing you in a state of deep confusion.

Please browse the next few sections of my website to understand what therapy would suit best your personal approach to health. My standard session includes deep energy work that will free from childhood trauma, karmic unresolved memories and past generational hand otherwise there are other options that will still lead you on your highest path feeling clear, enlightened and empowered.