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starts with a deep BREATH IN

which will lead you into the deepest dimension of your Being...'s now time to
to experience...

...the most incredible journey!!!

During this amazing journey you will experience the most GENTLE but POWERFUL TOUCH!!

The Divine touch will be channeled by Sonia for you...

The Divine touch will blend massage, reiki, sound healing and the alchemical power of essential oils into one blissful journey that will lead to explore a depth of YOU that you never experienced.

You will reemerge from this blissful journey feeling more PRESENT & clear than you ever experienced!




Relaxation Massage helps your body to release into the every cell hormones of HAPPINESS...

We live a very busy lifestyle and we forget to take time to unwind and let go...

The ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE is designed to lead you through a journey of deep GRACE where for 1.5 hours is ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

Who is behind the Divine Touch...

Sonia's is an extraordinary gifted Facilitator for Healing and Metaphysical Healer.

With 10+ years of experience she now leads her clients to experience profound breakthrough utilising many Magical modalities combined with her own Signature Energy Work.

After this Blissful 1.5 hours massage you will FEEL completely a new person capable of perceiving your reality from your own Authentic Vision rather than influenced by polluted energies!


1.5 hours Massage

combined with the alchemical

healing properties

of Therapeutic Essential Oils

& Sound Healing


If you are ready to experience the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE Book Now

Aromatherapy Oil

"I have been working with Sonia for many years and cannot emphasise what a transformational experience it has been over this period. Sonia is very passionate about the work she does, and has a deep desire to empower people with a greater sense of understanding of themselves. After each session with Sonia, I have always left with a an overwhelming sense of clarity, peace, and direction. Sonia has the great gift of being able to invite a person to step into their power and delve deeper within themselves. I have also recently had the wonderful opportunity to experience the massage and sound healing package offered by Sonia.

Incredibly detoxifying, intentional and regenerative, Sonia gives the gift of introspection and clearing using refined techniques. I highly recommend any of the services and massage therapies Sonia offers to anyone seeking a masterful guide in empowerment for their journey of self-discovery. Thank you, Sonia!"

Victoria O - Melbourne.

"I’m incredibly lucky to have been introduced to Sonia about 4 years ago now. She never ceases to amaze me after every session with her, she is constantly growing and evolving her business and it’s so amazing to be a part of. Last night I was lucky to experience one of her new treatments of a relaxing massage with essential oils and sound healing. I went into the session feeling happy but in a very fast paced mode with a million and one things running through my head. In her presence and space I felt instantly relaxed, she has beautiful music on, salt lamps around and a great relaxing scent in the space. From about half way through the massage I noticed that my over talkative brain had stopped! I couldn’t believe it I had nothing on my mind or running through my head. From there I really delved into the massage and the sound healing. I honestly felt like my whole body was vibrating with amazing energy. Afterwards I felt so light, happy and relaxed. And a major sense of gratitude. I went home and wanted to journal all the things I was grateful for and to really prolong and spread the energy. I would highly recommend seeing Sonia and getting this service! You will feel completely brand new afterwards! "

Sarah - Melbourne.

What CLIENTS whisper about this TREATMENT... 

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