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Divine healing can be
received and
embodied after this session


This standard session is very unique and a powerful healing session where Sonia is guided by Spirits to lead you to awaken to your unique Truth.

Divine healing is the energy that Sonia channels from the 9th Dimension, this divine healing energy allows the person to awaken the essence contained in the spine which lead to a deep spiritual awakening bringing profound benefits to all level of embodiment (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

This healing session is recommended if you suffer from any of the following condition:


-A deep sense of feeling lost

-Physical concerns



-Unexplainable fears

-Panic attack






-Thyroid disease

-Mental health problems

-Weight problem

-Eating disorders

....and so many more but the list above includes the most common conditions that 1 on 2 people (I would even say 1 on 1 person) suffers from.

We accept that being sick or unwell it's ok, well no, it's not ok!!

"Hi I'm Sonia, Healer &  Medical Intuitive, I talk to bodies every day witnessing blockages and abnormalities on both physical and energy level that many consider a normal state but in my own perspective what is normal is actually experiencing good level of energy, restful  sleep at night and balanced emotions and peaceful thought!

I have been a Body talk therapist, healer, channel for healing for more then 10 years with more than 25 years of experience in my own personal experience.

Once you understand how to interpret the message that your body gives you through illnesses on physical, emotional and mental level your life will be fully transformed.



During this consultation the Magic begins ..... and healing happens!


I mastered my own unique consultation by learning how to interpret our body's messages and its way of talking to us with patience, stillness and curiosity. I learned how to use the profound power contained in our spine and how to use it to experience transformative healing. 

My ability to use energy and channel the Divine healing energy is profound, unique and incomparable, testimonials will tell :).


​I use a combination of few amazing modalities like counselling, energy healing with essential oils, sound therapy, and healing meditation to create coherence inside the body, mind and heart to a depth that only few are capable to deliver.

What makes my consultations different is that everything I share, teach and facilitate during the session has been experienced at first hand, read my bio in About Sonia page and you will discover what makes my work so unique.​

I started a deep journey of self-healing more then 20 years ago which transformed my life, body and mind completely.... now is your turn!!

If you are suffering from a physical or mental health condition/pains, and/or struggling with personal relationships, unable to speak your truth, feeling like you are picking up every body emotions which may leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused on who you are in truth or just feel like you need some guidance in your life, a one-on-one consultation can help you transition into a happier, healthier, and more emotionally stable version of yourself.


As a Medical Intuitive, Wholistic Counsellor and Metaphysical Healer I facilitate the reconnection between the no-physical quantum reality and the physical self.

This no-physical reality (which for many is known as angels, spirits, guidance, God, Universe, Higher Self)  is constantly around us waiting to be invited to intervene on  helping us on our path.

I use channelled messages and visions from the Divine Rose Sophia, God and your Higher Self  to discover information about your childhood trauma, past generations negative patterns, and past lives karma that are impacting on your current wellbeing and life, once understood those negative filters can be cleared leaving you more clear on who you are and where you are going with your life.

READY TO BOOK? Here a bit more for you to read....

I specialise in teaching self-healing for:

  • Physical health conditions

  • Mental health issues

  • Addictions

  • Relationship problems

  • Spiritual awakening

I can help you to achieve and maintain:

  • Clarity in your career and discover your true life path

  • Build better relationships with your children and loved ones becoming a more present parent

  • Develop a closer and more loving relationship with your romantic partner

  • Heal niggling health problems and improve chronic conditions

  • Feel more positive, alive, and full of energy.

At the start of each session I scan your energy field and all its level to become aware of what subconscious blockages are preventing you to experience happiness and wellbeing.

At the same time I am guided by Spirits to lead you to an empowered awakening bringing you back to embody your truth. Embodying your truth will lead you to experience life with more clarity. 

I will then conduct an energy clearing and healing channeling the Divine Rose Sophia healing which will infuse your energy field including the body with the most exquisite energy. This part of the session will  remove blockages and triggers to lead you to embody your awakened Self in your every day life.

Clearing energy blocks stimulates the body and mind’s natural healing processes and enables you to raise your vibrational energy allowing you to experience life from a very different perspective, enabling you to see solutions that you were unable to perceive before the session.

If you’ve never experienced an energy healing session before, be prepared for a totally unique and magical experience.

Clients usually leave their session feeling lighter, relaxed, and buzzing with natural energy.

Energy healing is a complementary therapy that can be used alongside conventional medical treatments and other forms of therapy.

To find out more and book your session, get in touch today."

Sonia's fees:







Click here 1 hour session $140                                 

Click here 1.5 hours session $210

Click here

2 hours session $280






Remember to check out my shop to find the healing meditation that will help you to integrate the effects of the session even more click here

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