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How to change things that are no in harmony with ease!

There are situations in our lives that seems impossible to change! Repeating patterns that are perceived as unbreakable! Relationships that keeps impacting our experiences!

Well the secret to change what is not working, or break a repeating pattern is to dig deep within our cellular memory and understand what contracts, obligations, pacts we have agreed to in previous lifetime and clear it!

Also, something that become very clear to me this morning in meditation is the necessity to understand what WE DECIDED TO EXPERIENCE in this lifetime before incarnating in our present human body!

There is a period of time/transition between lives where we are we evaluate what we need to elaborate, clear or revisit.

During my sessions I address most of the time past life unfinished energies, childhood trauma left unattended and/or clearing negative energies that my clients tend to easily absorb from others but I never tap into the DECISIONS THAT WE MAKE BETWEEN LIVES which has a profound effectiveness and would most definitively direct our present life!

In meditation I have been guided to explore this phase guiding my clients to discover what they have decided between lives and lead them to create major shift in area of their lives that are perceived as unchangeable!

If you are curios about past life, existence between lives and more importantly discover what you set up for yourself that you'd like to change book your session today and I'll be very excited to facilitate your transformation!

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