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Addictions - Heal your shadow self

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Addictions is like a burning fire inside of you that destroy everything of you and everything around you.

Addictions destroy your relationships, your career, your family, and most devastating of all it destroys YOU.

Addictions come in many forms: drinking, drugs, medications, cigarettes, sugar, negative thoughts (yes very true, research show that the brain is addicted to recreate the same thoughts as a protective tools to avoid emotions, what I mean by it is that rather then dealing with subconscious emotions we prefer to keep ourselves busy with negative thoughts, more details will be shared!), gambling, pornography, relationships, lies to the self and others, drama, and many more....

It is considered an addiction anything that is repeatedly experienced or taken and unable to stop it.

How to become aware that your habit is actually an addiction? When you find yourself telling to yourself excuses like you can stop at any moment....but you actually are not...

Your mind will create 100,000+ reasons to deceive you. It will make you think like: "Oh well just one more time." or "only this time then I stop" or "it's ok it's not too bad" or "I know myself and I know that I can stop at any moment"....


Addictions hide a very deep wound and the person needs to dig and understand what is the core issue that is actually tried to be avoided until that moment you will move from one addiction to an other.

I hear so often people saying that they overcame alcohol but then they started to abuse sugar intake...

Every time you find yourself desiring something in order to avoid an emotion or a situation or a decision be aware that you are a step away from destroying yourself!

I hear very often people hiding behind the excuse that they know how to be in control of their habits but their energy says something incredibly different.

If in reading my blog you feel that a string has been pulled inside your body please take time to listen what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Life is beautiful no matter what is happening. I teach to myself and my clients that happiness is not about no having problems but more so knowing that you have what it takes to overcome any given challenge and more importantly knowing that happiness, health and wellbeing are experienced when you choose to be fully present in life rather then disconnect from your emotions or challenges.

With gratitude


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