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Releasing false masks.

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Life has become increasingly stressful, people continuously feel under pressure by the necessity of meeting other people expectation.

And the never ending feeling of not being enough strain our core pushing people to forget how to express themselves in a more authentic way, or to stand up for his her own truth.

We all don't know anymore how to express our truth freely causing a major energy block in the body and in the energy field.

Undertaking a healing path it's a journey of self-discovery that will lead to peel off layers of information that are inherited, absorbed, received from childhood experiences or subconscious input that the parents handed down to the child by subtle repetitive communicative interaction.

Also past life and past generations patterns create layers of illusion that alterate our own authenticity.

When a person starts a healing journey will tap into the core of cellular memory releasing and changing what no longer is needed.

No healing will be effective unless the person align words/action & emotions & thoughts & spirit .

Which ultimately means to align Body, mind & spirit.

The alignment through a deep healing path will lead the person to experience peace and effective achievement.

Now is the only moment that exist and it's the only time that you can start to make profound change in areas of your life that are causing distress and disharmony!

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