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Decode your Akasha.

The akasha Records is a energetic database contained in your own fifth dimensional physical body, which is called Casual Body. The casual body is the outer layer of your energy field with the resonance inside of your heart which is the fifth dimensional physical body.

This important database has recorded all of you since the origination of you as a Soul, before that you were just pure Divine Consciousness.

I always like to say that as pure Consciousness you and the Divine decided that the entire Universe wouldn't been the same without your imprint. And so you decided to become Soul consciousness but, not happy just to be Soul consciousness you wanted to experience therefore incarnate....

Before this lifetime you had many others in many other forms for sure!!

In the Akasha Records Reading you will map down when and where you existed.

I'd like also to add that the depth of the Akasha Reading goes as far your human consciousness is capable of perceiving it. Which means that you will be revealed information that will be easy for you to understand.

If your level of human consciousness stops at the belief that Earth is the only inhabited planet the reading will definitely be done meeting you at the level of your belief system.

There is no need to pressure anybody into believing something outside the scope.

For other that they accept and believe that there are other inhabited planets well the reading will reach an other level of dept indeed.

The Akasha Records Reading can help you to understand your life lesson, relationships and Purpose wit more clarity.

What I'm offering at this very moment is a 3 x 2 akasha decode.

3 Sessions for the price of 2...

Each session will last one hour.

First session is all about Your Soul journey since origination.

Second session is all about Your Soul on Earth, especially in the regards of this lifetime.

Third session is about what you choose to expend from the 2 previous reading.

What a great opportunity to change your destiny!!!

As I like to quote "Your history is not your destiny" !!

If you'd like to know more about the Akasha Records or you have any enquiry about the offer you can email me at

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