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Mentoring Program to unleash your Intuitive self

Would you like to perceive life from the perspective of your Magical Mind?

Do you feel tha you have a strong intuition but no quiet sure if you can trust it?

Hi this is Sonia and I'd like to welcome you by telling you a little bit of my personal story to help you to understand why I launched this mentoring program.

My story begins 9 years ago when  a friend asked me to use some reiki on her and when I finished she told me that I had a beautiful gift in my hands and I should have shared it with  others... which left me quite speechless because I was not aware of this ability at all, up to that point I only used reiki on myself never with others.... but her words stirred an unexplainable feeling in me... and so I started to learn with vivid passion everything I could about my psychic and healing abilities up to the moment that yes I really realised that my gifts were in need to be shared with as many people as possible and so I established my healing practice seeing clients 1o1 in 2013.

Many of my clients assume that I always knew that I had the potential of doing what I do today but in reality...NO, not a clue for more then 35 years... 

As far as I knew through regressions I have done to learn more about myself I was incredibly psychic before the age of 3 but then something happened that fragmented me and lost my abilities.

The last image I retrieved in regression was seeing myself at the age of 2 and half grieving on my balcony the lost of my favourite may laugh but for me was a huge dramatic point and from the pain I felt by loosing my dear invisible friend I disconnected ...mhhhh I also believe that I disconnected because I shared what happened to my dragon to my family (as a 2 1/2 yo can of course!!) and they told me off... which obviously disempowered my tender mind!

It took 23 years to reconnect with the unseen world of my magical mind when at the age of 27 I attended reiki level 1, which changed my life forever..... but still my true and most profound journey to really meet my Magical Mind and discover the unseen world that was awaiting me only started when I was 40 during Master Reiki and from there I just discovered more and more of what my healing abilities were, and today after  working in this profound and magical field for  9 years I'm ready to mentor others.

So this is how is going to happen:

8 Weeks of self-discovery, every week or every other You and I will have 1.5 hours workshop either face to face (if restrictions allow) or FaceTime/skype/Messenger.

During each class  you will learn and practice:

-Chakra system and how to clear each chakra

-To connect to your Spirit Guides and how to collaborate with them

-How to use your Vision, body and ears to process healing

-How your Magical Mind and Heart operate in the fifth dimension

-How to use simple tools of healing to transform your health (sandwich healing technique, sponge and syringe healing are few of the techniques you will use)

-How to use alchemical healing

-How to embody Christ consciousness (even in the madness of chaos !!)

-Light body activation

8 amazing weeks of profound learning and practical experiences!!! Imagine that during the class you learn and then during the week between classes you got to immediately implement what you learned in your everyday amazing having the profound experience of learning something that can be put into practice right away!!!

Your investment $999 instead $1999 (Individual Mentoring session $250).

Take the opportunity today to invest in yourself. Payment plan available.


-8 Clearing Protocols

-8 Meditations recorded specifically for you to support you between sessions

-30 minutes of extra time between session for Q&A

-8 Clearing Spray to use between sessions.

Book your Mentoring program today, if you'd like to chat with me about it call me on 0406111266 and I will be happy to help you making the right decision.

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I have spent 8 weeks in an ironical state of agonising bliss while working with Sonia. As the weeks went by we journeyed deep in each blockage within my chakras, a road unforeseen but one I would suggest any who is willing to face themselves to do. I had many heart awakening revelations and many long awaited breakthroughs.. All to get nothing but heart warming, gentle clarity of trust within myself, as the seedlings within me, we’re once again watered and have now begun to flourish. Sonia has taught me to thank myself first, before thanking others, she has taught me to support myself, before supporting others, to honour myself before honouring others, but most importantly to love myself in ORDER to love others, so I can then begin to share that sweet nectar of life’s most valuable teachings with others. There is no greater gift then that. My deepest gratitude to the unconditional support of Sonias most gentle and authentic embrace. She illuminates light within her self so brightly, that there is no reason to distrust in the journey of what’s ahead of you, with the support of Sonia. She is a pure example of her teachings, and she is an incredibly teacher at that.

Thank you Sonia, you are simply gold! 

Jas, Queensland.

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