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Anxiety, fear and stress are preventing you to live the life you deeply desire?











Through HEALING your inner child, letting go negative legacy from past generations 

and clearing floating memory from previous incarnations.

 During our session we will also clear subconscious words and feelings that are 

creating a false (but very real for you) Reality.

Now let's find what is the most appropriate healing path for you:

  • Wholistic counselling & Energy healing 

  • Past life regression

  • Akasha Records Reading

  • Reiki

  • Biofeedback Frequency Therapy

They are all amazing modalities that will leave you clearer and more Authentic.

Be curios, explore and book, I'll be on the other side of your decision waiting for you.

If you'd like to see what feels like meeting me watch the video below!


Here is what you will find:

1.Courage to finally be You free from other people influences and assumptions of who you should be!

2.A real sense of being true and Authentic, which is the ultimate achievement!

3.Freedom to achieve anything you desire to be!


past life regression therapy

Heal the memory of the past inside of your Cell and step into the life you are here to Experience

peaceful reiki

Experience stillness, healing and deep relaxation with Reiki

Akasha Record consultation

Clear Past Generation patterns, Unresolved Karma and past contracts to rewrite your life


healing session

One hour of pure divine bliss!

Tuning forks, cosmic crystal triangle, and Koshi bells. diving into a journey of unique transformation and release of deep core programs that are preventing you to experience the life you desire and deserve!

Sonia's signature session

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What people whisper about Sonia....

Pink Sand

"It is hard to put into words the profound effect working with Sonia has had on my life.

I first went to see her, over 5 years ago, when memories of childhood trauma began to resurface into my awareness. I was seeking some validation, some kind of clarification that what I was experiencing was real.

She gave me that and much, much more. She made me feel safe and heard. She helped me to be vulnerable for the first time in a long time and she played an integral role in guiding me onto my path towards healing and reconnecting to my intuition.

Over the years since, I have visited Sonia when I have been confused about what step to take next.

When I have felt stagnation in my process of uncovering the truth of who I am. Without fail, she has provided clarity and a nudge in the right direction. She radiates a warm and gentle yet fierce energy, that makes me feel grounded and connected the moment I enter her space and the work we have done in that space has been groundbreaking for me.

She takes so much care to find the right words necessary to resonate with my heart and have the most impact, many of which I still carry with me as guidance. She is an incredibly powerful woman and a beautiful soul who uses her gifts to empower others and I am beyond grateful for even meeting her, let alone everything she has helped me with.

I couldn’t recommend Sonia more highly."


Sarah Thomson  xx

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