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            I AM NEVER ENOUGH 

            1 day workshop to change limiting beliefs

This workshop is designed for those that have either super high perfectionism tendency and for those that suffer for low self-esteem and confidence.

The reasons behind the feeling of never be enough can come from different sources as per childhood upbringing, past generational legacy that hasn't been unacknowledged yet, negative self-talk, self-bully, self-sabotage and more.

During this workshop you will discover everything beliefs and program that is present in your energy field (which I classify as unconscious field) that keep you stuck in procrastination, lack and unhappiness.

Overtime you feel (consciously or unconsciously) not enough an automatic response is created to block you... Just think for a moment, if you deep down do not feel enough would you ever expose yourself by speaking up, or dare to launch a project or confront with authority a situation that you find challenging? NO!!! Why would you? Are my words stringing a cord inside you? 

Well if what you have been reading resonates with you this is the perfect place you'd like to be to create profound change in your field that ultimately will lead to experience a more fulfilling life!

Join me in this amazing gathering where you will discover a version of you that you never thought existed!


20th of March, 2022

Time: 11am to 4pm

Investment for your evolution: $79

"The workshop was amazing with Sonia guiding the group through a day of meditation & healing.
Thoroughly enjoyed it & learnt so much about myself.
looking forward to more workshops in 2020"

-Marisa, Melbourne-


"Amazing, insightful and life changing in the most healing way - Sonia is an extraordinary healer"

-Lucy, Melbourne-

"I have just had a healing with Sonia and wow she is so incredible , I have never felt so much power or emotion before from a healing within myself and she knew who I was from the start . What a blessing to be in your presence Sonia , Thankyou again 💕💕💓"

-Tara, Melbourne-


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