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Are you plagued by health problems, negative emotions, and bad luck?


Are you frustrated with the mundane repetition of your daily routine and feel like life is passing you by?


Do you feel that your negative thought patterns and beliefs are blocking you from manifesting your dreams?


Do you feel like there’s more out there waiting for you but you’re not quite sure how to find it?


Are you ready for a massive and life-transforming change?


If the answer is “YES!” you’ve already taken the first step to changing your life and making your dreams come true.


The Divine Bliss yoga retreat is the answer you’ve been waiting your whole life for – a transformative 7 days in Bali that will give you the opportunity to discover your true inner self and push through to where you previously thought was impossible.


What is the Divine Bliss yoga and healing retreat about?


The Divine Bliss Retreat is a unique yoga, meditation & healing retreat, run by Sonia Bellucci – a medical intuitive, wholistic Counsellor and Accredited Yoga Teacher who works on a cellular, molecular, and atomic level to ignite transformation on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


Held over a 7-day period, the retreat offers you the opportunity for deep self-discovery, massive transformation, and to make a commitment to become the best possible version of yourself and manifest your deepest desires.


Through a carefully curated program of healing energy workshops, mindfulness activities, deep relaxation, and nourishing food, in an inspiring and spiritual environment, you’ll be taken on a healing journey to discover your true self and blossom into the person you were always meant to be.


Why Bali?


There’s something really special about Bali that’s felt by everyone who visits the island.


Not just stunning scenery, luxurious accommodation, and great food – Bali is a deeply spiritual place that attracts individuals from all over the world, drawn by an inexplicable feeling that this is where they’re meant to be.


Sometimes to achieve a true transformation, it’s necessary to remove yourself completely from your normal environment, allowing you to take a step back from your day-to-day life and see things from a new perspective.


Magic – real magic – happens in Bali every day and you now have the opportunity to experience this magic for yourself.

Why Italy?


Well not much to say!! Italy, beautiful Italy can you just imagine what you will experience on emotional and mental level in the most magical country on Earth? 

And also what a more powerful excuse/reason to visit the most attractive country meanwhile you healing yourself and your life?





What Does the Retreat Include?


The Divine Bliss Retreat follows a daily format of morning restorative yoga to aid relaxation and boost energy flow, afternoon healing workshops and activities with Sonia, and evening meditations to guide you on an inner journey and aid a restful night of healing sleep.


As well as the formal workshop program, there are free days planned into the retreat, giving you the opportunity to explore more of this extraordinary island and its spiritual practices.


Our fully inclusive retreat is held at a luxurious villa in lush tropical surroundings. You’ll feel pampered and be able to fully relax, while at the same time working deeply on self-discovery and transformation.


The package includes:


Welcome champagne at your arrival at the villa

6nights accommodations in twin share (single room available)

6dinners, 7 lunches, and 6 breakfasts, wine and water included

7 transformational & healing workshops

7 yoga classes

Relaxing and healing massages

7 mindful activities

6 evening mediations

1 cooking class with the aim to bring your awareness inward and heal through colour therapy and the use of your senses

Use of swimming pool.

The total cost of the retreat is $ 3,500, but if you reserve your place now you can benefit from the special early bird price of $2,990. A payment plan is available – please call or email for details.


Our next retreat starts on the 11th of August 2020 in Bali and we’re offering this incredible opportunity to just 15 people who are committed to change their lives.


If you’re trying to manifest a major change in your reality, the Divine Bliss yoga & healing Retreat will enable you to step into your dreams and start to live the life you truly desire and deserve.


Call Sonia now on 0406111266 to reserve your spot or email










Your new life is waiting…

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