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Body intelligence workshop is a powerful way to learn Body talk and self-healing.

For 25+ years I have been practicing healing just by listening the body and today I'm ready to share this acknowledge and gift with others.

After hundreds of enquiries from my clients I decided that the time for you to learn how to interpret illnesses, disease and conditions that your body uses as a way of communicating something important is arrived.

But this workshop it's not only oriented to teach you how to listen but also finalised in teaching you how to heal yourself.


How would you feel knowing that you have the ability to heal yourself and eventually one day facilitate healing on others?

Wow it almost sounds unreal, doesn't it?

Well to help you understand the importance of this workshop I want to share part of my personal story....

I almost died twice in my life, both times because my body did run out of vital energy. Eventually I discovered that what was draining my vital energy was a severe intoxication from medications, negative emotions and negative thoughts which did shut my immune system down and caused a deep sense of disempowerment. Unable to connect with the divine intellligence  present within me I let my body unattended and completely vulnerable to all sorts of illnesses....

 I also suffered from depression with suicidal tendency and chronic fatigue few times...

Throughout my physical  and mental conditions I became incredibly passionate about the reasons beyond our illnesses and diseases...

My very journey started with the application of positive affirmation to reprogram my subconscious... then I learned how to use Bach remedies which helped to repair my energy field on a emotional and mental level...then I learnt reiki, which I used only on my self for several years leading me to a deep self introspection and a journey to discover and  learn the power of healing past lives, past generations negative legacy and inner child therapy...

What a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness it has been!!!

I witnessed by self-stalking myself for more then a decade the effectiveness of my constant applications and commitment, slowly but surely I started to see the results and change.

Today I' m ready to share my acknowledge and teach to others tools, technique and giving effective resources to start manifesting effective change on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Many people are victim of a illness either physical, emotional or mental it's now time to break free learning how to utilise the Divine Healing Intelligence that is available to all of us once we learn how to tap into the power of our hearts!

During this workshop I will deliver to you effective tools that you will bring home and apply easily in your every day life so medications can become just a lost memory ( I haven't use a single medication in 10 years...and before that haven't touch a medications for 10 years. Why I had to use medications in the between? Because during the birth of my gorgeous son I forgot how to stay connected to the divine intelligence!!!) :)

Would you like to discover the power of vibrational healing?
Would you like to discover how your mind materialise illnesses?
Would you like to learn how to reactivate the divine healing power within?
And, would you like to learn how to experience life by embodying the truth and infinite power you have in your heart?

It has been proven that all illnesses start in the mind...

How? Why?

Well join me and you will experience one of the most transformational day you have ever had!!!

9am Start.
We will start immediately by diving deep in a beautiful transformational meditation.

10am Lecture about health, chakra system, energy field/aura & energy healing.

11.30am healing workshop: Heal your inner child.

1pm Lunch break

2pm Healing workshop: Listen your body, heal and transform.

5pm Meditation to integrate the learning.

6pm Farewell!



Date: 19th of June 2022
Cost: $299






Please RSVP deposit no refundable $50

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