nderstanding your child’s world is extremely important if you desire significant

changes in your relationship with them.

Children are born as gifts and as our greater teachers, they ask for three things only: love, our presence and to be actively heard.

Are you listening to what your child says? To what he/she doesn’t say?

Being an unconditional parent, one that offers protection and listens actively to what his or her children have to say, will reap the incredible benefits of creating a joyful and supportive family environment which in turn transcends into a happy reality.

Accepting that what triggers any negative aspect in the relationship with your children is actually something unresolved from you childhood will help to shift the dynamic of your family.

If you change the way you behave, your children automatically will change their own behaviour.

This manual is going to be a great resource to have to learn new ways to communicate with your loved ones.

Open your Heart...open communication E-book


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